A set of exercises to stop the deformities valgus deformation of the child

Exercises with deformities in varus deformation of the feet, in children, a good technique, that favors the recovery of the correct form of the feet and the success in the fight against the disease. How do the physical therapy when valguse the case of the patients? What exercises are the most effective and efficient?

valgus deformation

Summary of the characteristics of the disease

Worth the stop is a deformation of the feet, in which the area of the heel and toes is rejected on the outer side. The own curvature is of national character, and the arch of the foot is considerably reduced. Children who suffer from deformities in varus deformation of the feet, they get tired quickly in the process of walking, irregular gait, his lower extremities are x i-shaped. In addition, the child with this pathology, which is especially prone to the development of flat feet, arthritis, osteoarthritis, and all types of deformation joint.

According to experts, the stop of the little patient can be deformed as a result of the weakness of the muscle and ligaments, traumatic injuries, rickets, polio, and other conditions of the external factors.

In addition, varus-valgus deformation can be congenital in nature, at the foot of the baby doubled in the period of gestation, which is typically associated with complicated pregnancy.

However, whatever the reasons, with deformities in varus-valgus deformation of foot in children should be fought. In the majority of the doctors recommend for these purposes, techniques such as massage and classes of physical culture medicinal.

The use of therapy when valguse?

Specially designed exercise for the deformities in valgus installation of stop are an integral element of the therapy directed at the fight against the disease.

It is especially effective therapeutic exercise is in the treatment of deformities in varus-valgus deformation of the small patients. This is because bone, cartilage and the joints of the fabric of the child differ from the softness, elasticity and very well susceptible of correction. Note that the positive results can be achieved with the usual practice and systematic approach to the classes.

Of course, the younger the patient, the easier it will be to correct the deformation existing.

The course medicinal physical exercises of gymnastics to the deformities valgus deformation allows to achieve the following therapeutic results:

  • the elimination of painful sensations;
  • removing the feeling of heaviness and discomfort, localized in the area of the lower extremities;
  • the review of the march;
  • warning follow the progression of the injury process;
  • prevent the development of flat feet and others that are specific to valgus complications.
  • the strengthening of the ligaments and muscle groups;
  • the review of the shape of the foot and give correct anatomical;
  • the standardization of the processes of the circulation of the blood in the muscles fabric structures;
  • solution swelling.

To maximize the effect of the specialists recommend parents to attend with their child, the cabinet of physiotherapy exercises at least two times throughout the week, and the house of practice with chad, you need every day. In this case, the positive results of the gymnastics will not wait and will have a stable character.

it is worth

A basic set of recommended exercises

Gymnastics with deformities in valgus deformation focuses on the strengthening of the muscle groups of the foot. For young patients in particular, we recommend the following simple but very effective exercises:

  1. Walk alternately on the heels, on tip toes (especially effective when the deformation of the thumb).
  2. Draw with chalk smooth line and invite your child several times to pass through it (for older children, you can use and the "imaginary line).
  3. The flexion and extension of the fingers.
  4. The uprising.
  5. Effect of the inclination to walk. At the foot of the small patient should be as smooth.
  6. Walking on the outside edge of the foot. When this foot must be slightly turned outward.
  7. The rustle of a foot of the surface of the other leg.

The exercises are the base elemental of the structure, which should be done every day, giving to each one of the exercises 1.5-2 minutes. This gymnastics can be applied not only in treatment but also prophylactic purposes (in particular, to prevent the development of flat feet).

Complementary activities

The next set of gymnastic exercises for the deformities valgus deformation of the stop a little more difficult, however, with the help of their parents, to their teacher, even the smallest patient:

  1. Ask your child to sit with the legs crossed. Take your hand. Hereinafter, the baby should, without haste, to climb up and down on the floor. After several approaches, it will be necessary to repeat the exercise, changing the leg, which is located at the bottom.
  2. Ask for baby to lie on your back and lean back with hands on the floor. Between the stop of the child include a small ball and ask them to pull you toy with the help of the feet. As a general rule, the children of this game is very like.
  3. Place on the floor the handkerchief and ask a child to pick up with the help of the foot fingers.
  4. Invite your child to lie down on your back and feet to perform the movement, such as when riding a bicycle. It is necessary the number of repetitions of 10 to 15.
  5. Please have a little patient to represent the "fan" as widely as possible, extending for, the toes of the feet. The exercise is recommended to repeat about 10 times.
  6. Seat a child in a chair, under the feet, put a small rubber ball and ask a child to roll the toy of the feet. The optimum duration of the exercise is 5 minutes.
  7. Invite your child to play will play at the palms, but only clap when this is not ladoshkami and feet.
  8. Plant a child and ask them to reduce the feet together. Repeat 10 to 15 times.
  9. Put in the ground a large stick and ask the child to recumbo, standing in this suit. Recommended the duration of this exercise for 3 to 5 minutes.
  10. Ask a child to lie down on your back, stretch your legs forward and bend shifts in the area of the ankle joint. Has of 10 repetitions with each leg.

This set of exercises, the experts recommend to make two times throughout the day, and to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect, it is convenient to make a small patient of massage on the feet.


On the benefits of walking for health

Motion athletics is an important moment in the struggle against deformities in varus-valgus deformation of foot in children. And walking babies, it is recommended to embossed, uneven surfaces. For these purposes the parents of the little patients, it will be necessary to buy a brace of the mat. But you can handle the task and with their own forces, only consuerunt in a large cloth buttons.

In the summer, concerned for the child as much as possible walking barefoot through the grass, pesochek or pebble. If you are in the sea, collect the most marbles, will serve to make the child warm foot of france with the effect of further stimulation.

In winter you can simply take the floor of the apartment of green peas or cereals and offer the baby to run around for him. All of this will contribute to the maximum strengthening of the muscle groups of the foot, increases the sensitivity of the feet, in addition, the effectiveness of the physiotherapist will help you to speed up the healing process.

As you should do gymnastics

The main rule of the therapy is regular and systematic exercises. However, to explain to a small child, the need of occupation is sometimes very difficult. Therefore, try to captivate the child patient in the process of the physical culture medical, to teach in a fun way. Many of the children imitate their parents, therefore, the child will be much more willing to carry out with mom or dad, repeating behind them the exercises.

Try to perform in the classroom as much variety as periodically changing the exercises, it is important that the small sick of gymnastics will not be bored. If the baby is very tired, it is recommended to stop the training and continue later.

For more recommendations

Despite the high indicators of efficiency and effectiveness for medicinal gymnastics, just with exercises for a complete victory over deformities in varus-valgus deformation of the stop, the child may not be enough, especially if the disease is in a difficult, run of the stage. To speed up the process of recovery will help you to perform the following extremely simple recommendations:

  1. Choose a child to be of good quality comfortable shoes orthotic insoles.
  2. Then the baby warm foot of france with the addition of pine needles or sea salt. Such therapeutic procedures are contributing to the solution of the tension in the field of the muscle groups and ligaments of the foot.
  3. Combines the lessons of the physical culture medical with the massage of a stop that is recommended to do regularly.
  4. Constitute the set of exercises, make sure to consult with the specialist.
  5. Good effect give kinds of sports such as swimming and the exercise of the Swedish wall.
the results of the exercises

In regard to the prevention of the disease, prevent the development of deformities in varus deformation of the feet of the child will help competent of planning pregnancy and regular attendance to a specialist in hopes of a baby. In addition, it is not advisable to start to put in the foot of the crumbs, not yet achieved eight of age. Careful with the weight and the development of a child: the excess of weight as the lack of weight of the body, also acting factors, causing the development of deformities in valgus deformation.

When to expect positive results?

The systematic discrimination to classes of physical culture of medicinal and strict compliance with the recommendations of experts, the first results are visible after weeks of duration. Babies easier to walk, it eliminates the feeling of pain and discomfort. Determine the duration of treatment is difficult, since this depends on the pathologic stage of the process and the individual characteristics of the child.

More pronounced in the results of the gym to stop the valguse da after one year, regular and systematic of the classes.

Therapeutic exercise when valguse children — proven in the time, it is a good technique that allows you to eliminate the signs of strain and suspend the further development of the pathological process. To achieve extremely favorable results, it is recommended to combine gymnastics with therapeutic massages and the use of orthopedic footwear.