Valgus deformation of the pimples

Valgus deformation of the leg is characterized by the X in the shape of the legs, as a consequence of the weakening of the muscles ligamentous apparatus. The violation can be the primary cause of the pathology of the spine, disruptions in the internal functioning of systems and organs.

valgus deformation of the leg

Features of the development of deformities in valgus deformation

Valgus deformation of the tibia in children can be, as innate and acquired pathology. The main changes occur in the knee joint of a child, visually you can observe overextension of the foot and the deviation of the heels to the outside.

The main causes of the curvature of the stop and of the pillars in the children:

  • Genetic feature;
  • The anomaly of the pillars;
  • The violation of the integrity of the bone and the cartilage;
  • Incorrect assimilation of useful elements;
  • Inflammatory or infectious processes;
  • Serious injuries of the extremities;
  • Transferred to rickets in childhood;
  • The excess of weight.

In such states of small congenital deformities in children are able to increase increases the depth of the arc of curvature. Subsequently arise from a pathological process in the joints of the knee and the pelvis.

The deformation of the knee – the presence of the liquidation of more than 5.5 cm between the internal parts of the stop. A birth defect in children is rarely diagnosed, most often associated with a poor intrauterine development of the hip, the foot and leg.

Common cause of deformities in varus-valgus deformation of the lower extremities – the natural instinct that forced her to put the feet in an attempt to keep the balance. What is the non vitiatam the deviation is able to go away to the 8-10 years of the life of a child.

The disease in childhood occurs due to an increased load on the foot, early portum in the walker, the accelerated process of walking the child, by reason of hereditary weakness and the underdevelopment of the ligaments.

The symptoms of the disease

Hallux valgus legs in the children not only represent the cosmetic defect, but significantly reduce the quality of life. As the development of the disease a person is difficult to move, the gait is clumsy, the state accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Permanent plaintive laments sensation in the extremities;
  • Violation of the circulation of the blood – cyanosis of the skin, the appearance of varicose veins;
  • The tiredness in the process of movement;
  • The swelling in the area of the calf muscles;
  • Drag the feet when walking.
valgus deformation of the leg treatment

Due to the loading of the joints in children slowly destroy themselves. If you do not take timely therapeutic measures for the solution of the disease, the patient loses the ability to move.

In the photo valgus deformation of the pillars is seen as X inside the block of the engine of curvature, when it is impossible to reduce the knees. We observe a clear displacement of the axes of the limbs, and the distance between internal tragus to wall becomes more than 5,

Degree of disability

In the initial phase of the disease of rejection to the warm knaruzhi does not exceed 10-15 degrees, in the second – more than 15-20 degrees. The serious distortion that have been diagnosed with the deviation more than 20 degrees.

The treatment of the pathology

After the inspection, the orthopedist, the realization of the x-ray of the pillars in two projections the disease is diagnosed. For the identification of the causes of the deformation may require an ultrasound, the delivery of the blood tests to check the functioning of the kidneys.

The principles of treatment of deformities of the valgus deformation of the tibia in children and adults:

  • To eliminate the painful symptoms are assigned to the events, use corrigendum of the placement, fixing tires, and some orthopedic shoes. It is important, for later it was elastic and resistant, heel not less than 5 mm, the choice of socks, individually picked up from the template;
  • For the joint stabilization and muscular strengthening of the corset child is in need of therapy of massage – not less than 20 sessions per month, the intensity of the exposure in the damaged area is gradually increased, the use of techniques of stroking, friction, vibration, tapping, massaging the pizzicato of the movements;
  • Physiotherapeutic effect of the electrostimulation to plant the muscles, improves blood circulation, it supports the psychological position of the feet during the movement;
  • The gymnastics – the amount of exercise, and the regularity of its execution, establishes a doctor. When deformities in varus deformation of the feet and legs in children is practiced the flexion and extension of the ankle joints, the rotation of the feet of the queue, the capture and retention of the fingers of the feet with small objects, bending, squatting, walking on the vernal side of the foot.

In running in the case, when the review of the pathology, conservative methods can not, it is assigned to the operating – osteotomy. The result of a procedure that removes a part of the thigh bone, the rest are spliced. After using compression-distraction osteosntesis: installs the apparatus Elizarova, to form the correct angle between the bones of the foot and the leg.

After the surgical intervention in 2 to 3 days is done cooling and the anesthesia of operated feet, to walk to the patient are assigned special walkers, and, later, a pair of crutches.

Complications after surgery rarely occur, it may be bleeding due to the cutting of blood vessels, the accession of secondary infection, pain when you walk.

Thanks to the operation, you can obtain an excellent result, although it is possible to and go back to the evolution of the disease in the absence of implementation of prevention activities, the excess load on the lower extremities.

The operation in the childhood and adolescence generally does not apply to often show people of age, when the curvature of the tibia accompanied by inflammatory processes, with plenty of swelling, violation of coordination of movements.

The prevention of the

How can I prevent the appearance of deformities in varus-valgus deformation of the leg? To the feet of the baby physiologically correctly evolved important to satisfy the diet of the baby useful nutrients, plus vitamin D, in order to avoid the development of rickets.

The first steps of a child to acquire the quality of the shoes, to avoid the excessive load on the hip and leg until the age of 7 months. It is useful to periodically make a relaxing massage of the legs, the tubs with the addition of a beautiful, extract, infusion of medicinal plants.

Has a positive influence on the installation of the feet:

valgus deformation of the leg exercises
  • The swimming;
  • Cycling;
  • Ski, skate;
  • The game of football;
  • Climbing the ladder-Swedish wall.

In the summer months, it is useful to walk barefoot in the grass, rocks, sand, a dirt road. It is important to avoid the cold or the excessive heat of the limbs, so as not to aggravate the course of the disease.

If you have the slightest signs of distortion, it is important to ask for help to the doctor – self-treatment can lead to disability and death (the development of thrombophlebitis, the curvature of the spine, the violation of internal work of the body's systems and organs).

The timely treatment deformities in varus-valgus deformation of the lower limbs allows you to avoid the surgery, it excludes the increase of the fatigue, foot injuries, problems of the motor apparatus of the machine.